Chocolate Cake                We have developed our chocolate cake to contain as much chocolate as we possibly can. This ensures that it is always moist and rich in flavour. All of our chocolate cakes are split with layers of pure butter cream whipped with chocolate and cocoa.
Vanilla Sponge Cake Our Victoria vanilla sponge is always made fresh to ensure a soft, moist and light texture. It is split and spread with a home-made butter cream, whipped from pure butter and icing sugar.
Fruit Cake Our Fruit cake is made from natural ingredients including real butter, dark sugar, flaked almonds, rum and quality dried fruits. We slow bake the cakes in a lightly steamed oven to ensure a moist and delicious cake.  We always finish our cakes with marzipan and rolled sugar icing.
Carrot Cake      Carrot cake the way carrot cake was meant to be: rich and dense with raisins and walnuts, and filled with a cream cheese icing.
Red velvet Cake This stunning, sweet and gloriously rich velvety textured cake is known for its distinctive dark red colour. We top it with   the most delicious cream cheese frosting for the perfect tea time treat.